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How to make payments

It’s SUPER easy to pay contributions to your employees.


Child Care Super offers a secure online payment solution which is fast and simple and gives you:

  • Access to self-service reporting

  • Instant access to member numbers

  • An easy way for payroll users to identify employer group

We’re big fans of SuperConnector, but you can always choose a different payment method – whatever suits you best.

To get started with SuperConnector, call one of our consultants today.

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Use your own super contribution system

If you have your own clearing house or payroll system, you can use it to process contributions. Basically, all your employees’ super info gets consolidated into one list, and once you've paid, the Clearing House takes care of distributing the payments to all the different super funds.

Just a heads up - to make sure your contributions are all above board, they need to follow the SuperStream standard and regulations. These require you as employers to:

  • provide minimum mandatory data required to allocate a contribution

  • send all data and contribution payments electronically

  • link data and money with a unique payment reference number

  • ensure data and payments are sent on the same day

  • respond to fund requests for complete information within 10 business days

For more info, check out the ATO website - they've got all the details you need!

How to use your own system

We’ve made making payments SUPER simple

Step 1: Contact us to register your company details

Step 2: Prepare your contributions

Before you submit any contributions, make sure you have the following details handy:

  • employer’s ABN

  • employee’s name, address, email address and date of birth

  • employee’s tax file number

  • payment amount and types

  • payment period, start and end date.

Step 3: Pay your contributions

You’ll need our details:

Page last updated 1 December 2023