Top up your super with SUPERSUPER

Boost your super everyday with our exclusive rewards program.

With SUPERSUPER, you can grow your super balance every time you shop!

We’ve teamed up with a SUPER range of retailers to give you cash rewards directly into your super account. Shop at your favourite brands and retire better off just by shopping.

Treat yourself to SUPER savings

Add money to your super balance when you shop for groceries, petrol, movie tickets, and more. It just takes three simple steps.

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Become a member of Child Care Super



Activate your SUPERSUPER account

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Get additional payments into your super, on top of any employer contributions

Benefits of SUPERSUPER

Get SUPER savings alongside your regular contributions while you’re working.

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Get additional payments into your super, on top of any employer contributions

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On a career break

Add to your super while you’re on maternity leave, taking a break, or leaving work permanently

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Automatically earn super when you work for yourself, in addition to any voluntary contributions

Extra money for your super account

Each time you shop with SUPERSUPER a percentage of the amount spent goes straight into your super account. For example, if you spend $100 at a participating retailer offering a 5% reward, $5 will be added to your super account.

Additional benefits

A Government bonus of up to $500 each year

You could be eligible for a Government bonus of up to $500 each year because the money paid into you’re your account is made “after-tax”. It’s called the Government Co-contribution. You can find out if you’re eligible for the scheme here.

Keep payments going into your super when taking time off work

Continued payments into your super: the rewards program is a great way to keep payments going into your super when taking leave from the paid workforce - whether that's to raise a family, study or just to take a break.

How to access SUPERSUPER

When you become a member of GuildSuper, you automatically get access to SUPERSUPER, along with our other member benefits.

Things to consider:

  • Shopping partners and rewards percentages shown are current as at December 2023. Retailers reserve the right to change, modify or cancel offers at their discretion.

  • Refer to the SUPERSUPER privacy policy for details on how your personal information will be managed, and the SUPERSUPER Terms and Conditions for details on how the program works.

Page last updated 11 April 2024