Nominating a beneficiary

What is a beneficiary?

A beneficiary is a person you nominate to receive your super benefit (or Death Benefit) in the event of your death.

As a Child Care Super member, you have two options when nominating beneficiaries:

1. Non-binding nomination
Your non-binding nomination acts as a guide for the trustee in deciding how to pay your Death Benefit.

You can make or change your non-binding nomination at any time:

2. Binding nomination
Generally, your valid binding nomination binds or requires the trustee to pay your Death Benefit to the nominated beneficiary(s).

It expires every three years from the date it is accepted by the Fund. We will send you a reminder a couple of months before the expiry date to renew your nomination. Of course, you can change your nomination at any time by making a new binding nomination.

To make or change your binding nomination, download and complete the Binding Death Benefit Nomination form. To revoke your binding death benefit nomination, complete the Change of details form.

Who can you nominate?

When making non-binding or binding nominations, you may select a person(s) from the following relationship types (known as dependants):
  • your spouse (including your de facto and same-sex partner), or
  • your (or your spouse's) children including an adopted child, step child or ex-nuptial child, or
  • someone you are in an interdependent relationship with, or
  • a person financially dependent on you, and
  • you may also nominate your estate or Legal Personal Representative.
Remember to update your nomination when your circumstances change - for example, if you divorce or have more children.

What happens if you don't make a nomination?

If you don't make a nomination, then the trustee of Child Care Super will decide who receives your Death Benefit. The trustee has to pay your benefit either to one or more of your dependants or to your estate for distribution according to your will (or both).

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