What is an Occupational Classification?

An Occupational Classification determines how much you pay for insurance, based on your job or occupation.

Why should I care about my Occupational Classification?

If you currently work in a role that's considered to be "lower risk", changing your Occupational Classification means you could pay less for your insurance cover.

Our Occupational Classifications

Your occupation determines your Occupational Classification, which makes a difference to how much you pay for insurance cover. There are three Occupational Classifications that apply:

Standard Occupation


This could apply to you if: - You are a skilled worker with light manual duties.
White Collar

White Collar

This could apply to you if: - The duties of your occupation are limited to professional or managerial tasks.
Professional Occupation


This could apply to you if: - The duties of your occupation are limited to professional or managerial tasks, you earn in excess of $100,000 p.a. from your job, and are tertiary qualified or are an executive with more than 10 years experience.

Please note that if you (or your employer) has not provided us with details of your occupation, or if your occupation is not classified as White Collar or Professional, then it will be classified as Standard, and you may pay more for your insurance cover.

The Standard Occupational Classification covers a broad range of occupations with low physical activity, and for members who engage in light manual work only (i.e. childcare workers, veterinarians, chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists).

Occupational rates

The cost per week of one unit of Default Death and TPD cover based on each Occupational Classification is below. Refer to the  Insurance Guide for the cost of Default IP cover.

 Death cover*$0.52
 TPD cover$0.48
White Collar 
 Death cover* $0.37
 TPD cover $0.34
 Death cover* $0.32
 TPD cover $0.29
* the above figures are for default insurance cover only - and may not be applicable if you decide to apply to increase your insurance coverage at any time in the future. For details refer to the Insurance Guide

How do I apply to change my Occupational Classification?

You can apply to change your Occupational Classification, by completing and returning the Occupational Classification form.