Occupational classifications for insurance

Occupational Classifications for insurance

Insurance is all about weighing up and safeguarding against risk and an Occupational Classification is one way an insurance company can do that. Depending on the type of job you do, you may be considered a bigger insurance risk and the amount you pay for your insurance, known as a premium, will reflect this.

When you apply to join Child Care Super, or change your insurance cover, we may ask you to select your Occupational Classification. We have three classifications:

  1. Active

  2. White Collar

  3. Professional

To understand which one you are eligible for, it’s best to read the eligibility criteria that’s explained in our Insurance Guide but if you’re still not sure, feel free to call our team on 1800 060 215. It’s worth noting that if you or your employer don’t provide us with your occupation, then your Occupational Classification will default to Active (which means you may pay more for your insurance cover than you need to).

Page last updated 1 December 2023