How to boost your super without squeezing your budget

26 September 2023

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Are you ready to give your super a boost without breaking the bank? By joining the super savings squad early on, your money has a better chance to multiply and grow, giving you the freedom and flexibility to enjoy an amazing retirement. 

We’ve got some fab tips to help you increase your super and set you on the path to a brighter financial future. So, let's dive right in. 

1. Find and combine lost super 

First things first – let's hunt down that elusive lost super. You might not even know it, but you could have some forgotten super accounts lurking out there from previous jobs or changes in your circumstances. Finding and combining them is like unearthing buried treasure! It's not just about saving on account fees; it's about putting it all in one pot and giving your super a chance to grow. 

To get started, log in to your online account, select grow my super, go to find my super and follow the prompts. Then it’s over to us. By doing this, you'll have a clearer overview of your super, and it’ll likely lead to a better retirement. 

Find out more about combining your super here

This information is general in nature and does not take account of your personal financial objectives, situation or needs. Before deciding whether a particular product is appropriate for you, please consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement, Target Market Determination and Financial Services Guide available at

Before making a decision to consolidate super accounts you should consider seeking personal financial advice and review your financial needs, objectives, and goals. Before you choose to consolidate, consider any fees and loss of insurance from your other fund(s). When you combine your super into one account your entitlements, including insurance, with your other fund(s) may stop.

This information has been prepared by Guild Super Services Pty Ltd on behalf of the Trustee.

2. Get cashback on purchases into your super 

Now, here's where the fun begins. Picture it: you continue your usual shopping routine, buying clothes, groceries, or anything your heart desires, and in return, you receive cashback that goes straight into your super account. Sounds too good to be true, right? But it's not! 

SUPERSUPER allows you to earn cashback on everyday purchases from participating retailers. The best part is that it won't impact your regular monthly budget; you're simply getting rewarded for shopping wisely. So whether you're treating yourself or buying essentials, SuperSuper makes sure you're boosting your super in the process! 

Learn more about SUPERSUPER

3. Take advantage of Government Co-Contributions 

Ready for some extra money from the government? The co-contribution scheme is a fantastic way to boost your super savings without too much stress on your budget. Here's how it works: if you make additional after-tax contributions to your super fund and meet certain eligibility criteria, the government will contribute some money to your super account. It's like a magical money-multiplying machine! 

To qualify, you need to earn less than $58,445 per year, be under 71 years old at the end of the financial year, and generally need to be a permanent resident in Australia. The government's contribution is up to a total of $500 each financial year, so it's a smart way to get more bang for your buck. You can find out more about Government Co-Contributions here


There you have it – three fantastic ways to increase your super without putting a strain on your monthly budget. Remember, building a healthy super balance doesn't have to be a tedious or overwhelming process. It can be a fun journey toward securing a more comfortable retirement. 

With these strategies in your financial plans, you could be well on your way to a SUPER future. Embrace the journey, and before you know it, your retirement could be stronger than ever.