Manage your investments

Change how your super is invested

We want to make sure you’re making the right choices for you. So, before you go ahead and make a change, you need to understand the risks of switching, what you can switch and how to switch them.

What can you change?

Your super investments are customisable to suit your needs. To make it easy, you can switch:

  • how your existing balance is invested

  • how any future contributions are invested

SUPER important to know: If you want to change both your existing and super contributions investment strategy, make sure you make changes to both in your account.

Are there any risks to switching your investments?

It can be very tempting to switch your investments, particularly if you’re not seeing returns. One thing you do need to know, switching too regularly, or when markets are down, can sometimes negatively impact your savings. This is because if you switch to more ‘safe’ investments, but your previous option recovers quickly (which happens more than you’d think), you could miss out on potential returns.

So, before you make any sudden changes, make sure that the decision is the right one for you. Make sure you also know how it might change any benefits you currently get.

We recommend speaking to a financial adviser and checking out the Product Disclosure Statements before making any changes to your investments

Ready to make a change?

If you’re sure that switching your investments is right for you, you can make changes easily through your online account.

I’ve made changes, when do they take effect?

The date that you’ll see your changes in your account depends on when we receive your request, and how you submit it.

The quickest way to switch is online. This is considered ‘received’ as soon as you submit it.

The other option is to switch by calling us on 1800 060 215. If you switch this way, it’s considered ‘received’ once it’s been entered into our administration system by our Member Services Team.

Once your request is ‘received’ it may take a few days for your changes to be processed

For changes made to your existing balance, it will take up to three business days for the changes to be processed.

For changes to your future contributions, your changes will be made immediately.

Already retired?

If you’re looking to change your retirement investments, your options are a little different.

Page last updated 1 December 2023