What we invest in

What we invest in

If you're curious about where your hard-earned money has been invested, you can simply click on the links below. We like to keep you in the loop, so we make sure to update this information twice a year, specifically on 30th June and 31st December. The data you'll find when you click is the latest one from 31st December, 2023.


Balanced (Accum & TTR)

Balanced Pension

Growth (Accum & TTR)

Growth Pension

MySuper Building lifestage

MySuper Growing lifestage

MySuper Consolidating lifestage

Secure (Accum & TTR)

Secure Pension

How we invest your money

When it comes to growing your retirement savings, we take a smart and strategic approach. We invest your money in various investment markets, using different asset classes and investment strategies. Our goal is to meet our investment objectives and help your savings grow.

Now, investing across different markets and asset classes, while employing a wide range of strategies, requires skill and expertise. That's why Child Care Super outsources to a team of specialist investment managers who know their stuff. They have the know-how to make the right decisions and manage your investments wisely.

Page last updated 12 March 2024