Welcome to SUPERSUPER™

The only super program helping Australian families to save more to their super, every day, without increasing their cost of living.

How it works

SUPERSUPER is a shop-and-save super rewards program. SUPERSUPER lets you add more to your super every day without having to do anything extra.

We’ve teamed up with hundreds of retailers to offer cash rewards that are added to your superannuation account. We’ve got grocery stores, department stores, petrol stations, we’ve even got day spas. You can shop your favourite brands and retire richer. So keep doing what you’re doing, and get more super.



It all adds up

By completing your everyday shopping with SUPERSUPER you’ll be continually adding to your super account. And when it comes to your super account, a little extra can go a long way.

Small regular amounts added to your super can add up to thousands of extra dollars over time, thanks to the magic of compound returns.




We’re making saving super easier and fairer for women and their families

In Australia, women are at higher risk of retiring with less money in their super than men. It doesn’t sound fair, because it isn’t fair.

We know it can be tough to save money into your superannuation account with all of the other daily expenses of life to deal with. It’s easy to think of your retirement as something to sort out later.

Instead of putting off saving into your super account, use SUPERSUPER to get ahead of the game - just by doing your every day shopping.